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Student Supply List

Gavilan View Middle School 

Students are required to bring the following supplies to school every day.

(Checked in 1st Periods Weekly)

    1. Sturdy 3-ring binder (at least 2”)
    2. 2 or more pencils (if mechanical, please have extra lead)
    3. 2 or more pens (Blue or black)
    4. 8 dividers for 3-ring binder
    5. Pencil Pouch
    6. 2 or more highlighters
    7. Binder Paper (college ruled)
    8. Set of Colored Pencils
    9. Reusable Water Bottle
    10. Headphones or Earbuds 


Assignment Trackers will be given to students the first day by their 1st period teacher.

Other Suggested Supplies

      1. Ruler
      2. Index Cards (a set of 100 cards)
      3. Erasers ( 1 standard eraser or 2-3 pencil top erasers)
      4. Set of Markers (a set of 8 or 10)


Please see the main office for more details.