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Student Supply List

Gavilan View Middle School 

Required Student Supplies

(Checked in CORE/Homerooms Weekly)

  1. Three Ring Binder
    • (no less than 2 inch metal rings; 3 inch 'D' rings are best)
  2. Pencil Pouch
    • (to be placed within the binder rings)
  3. Pencils
    • (#2 lead; must have at least 2 pencils at all times)
  4. Ink Pens
    • (dark blue or black ink; must have at least 2 at all times)
  5. Subject Dividers
    • (need 10 dividers that can be labeled, not numbered; no pocketed dividers or folders)
  6. Ruled three holed punched binder paper
    • (no spiral paper or paper that needs to be torn out of a notebook)
  7. Book Covers
    • (one for each book; no self-adhesive covers or stretchy covers 

The School's Assignment Calendar (Tracker) must be purchased at the school for $6.00.

Please see the main office for more details.

Other Suggested Supplies

  1. Ruler
  2. Erasers
  3. Dictionary
  4. Highlighter Pens
  5. Reinforcement Labels
  6. Set of Colored Pencils or Markers